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The Riddle-O-Pedia Story

The first Riddle-O-Pedia book, containing 2022 riddles cross-referenced under 1165 subject-headings, was compiled, presented and self-published by Cheryl Threadgold in 1990. Her children aged 8 and 12 at the time did the illustrations and fellow school parent and professional artist Judy Kerdel, designed the cover.

Cheryl compiled the first collection of riddles on a portable manual typewriter during the late 1980’s because of being unable to source a similar categorised book of riddles to assist her children with thematic riddles for Melbourne’s Herald Sun Corinella’s Page.

When working to categorise the riddles under subject headings, it became apparent that the various riddle formulas of thought required the riddles to be cross-referenced under more than one heading and thus the Riddle-O-Pedia encyclopaedic format evolved.

After observing her children and their friends enjoying ‘the riddle book’ manuscript, Cheryl decided to enter the exciting but financially risky, world of self-publishing.

The Riddle-O-Pedia has since enjoyed 7 print-runs, totalling 30,000 copies.

After requests for another Riddle-O-Pedia book and readers sending riddle contributions, Cheryl self-published The Riddle-O-Pedia Volume 2 in 1993.

Six My Little Riddle-O-Pedia books were published at the request of Scholastic Australia for sales in their various school book clubs. The most recent book, Monsters and Mighty & Mythological Creatures has now sold out. The remaining five My Little Riddle-O-Pedia books are available individually or in a My Little Riddle-O-Pedia 5 Pack.

Positive feedback received from readers is that riddles encourage reading, thinking, listening, an awareness of the English language and communication between all ages.

The Riddle-O-Pedia books are proudly published and printed in Australia.

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